Task: To create creative concept for advertising campaign introducing PANASONIC heating and cooling systems. The main message: although the conditions outside might be changing and unfriendly, feel comfortable at home throughout the year. Process: We chose the paper cutting technique for visual design: the objects were printed, cut and some of them glued to form the decorations,  and finally animated using the stop motion video technique. The main character of the visual is a rocket house, which flies through different extreme settings, but there’s  always comfortable temperature inside due to PANASONIC cooling and heating systems. In order to reveal the changing weather conditions, we chose different environments: desert, Arctics and space. These are three extreme places that viewers can recognize instantly and easily link to the seasons: a desert is equal to summer, glaciers are winter and space is unfamiliar environment, but perhaps the most extreme, and exciting you can imagine. Created: Creative concept (a slogan and  visuals) TV commercial; Radio clip; Online banners; Outdoor Advertising.
PANACONIC šildymo ir vėsinimo sprendimai
PANACONIC šildymo ir vėsinimo sprendimai 2