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The Clinic of Plastic Surgery contacted our agency with a request to create a trademark: name, logo, corporate identity. The clinic is located in one of the most beautiful places of Kaunas city – Ąžuolynas (Oaks park), so the exclusive place and the architecture of the clinic merged into the natural landscape and dictated subtle tones, creating the image of the new clinic. The range of clinic services is dental, plastic surgery and dermatology. It was important for the title to be able to embraced all areas of services. For this reason, the concept of golden ratio (FI) was chosen. Phi (lit. Fi) – the divine proportion, the golden ratio known worldwide as a symbol of aesthetics and perfection, from the oldest times to accompany a person in every step and in every sphere. It is this symbol that perfectly defines the work of doctors requiring accuracy, experience and knowledge. Mathematically calculating the gold cut we get 1,618. FI clinica – quality, experience and modernity in this title. In order to maintain a consistent image of the clinic, the brand style and logo were created using the same concept of gold ratio.