URMAS nuo A iki Ž. Branding

Created: Task:
Creative conception Branding Illustrations Creative concept and fulfillment of shopping are URMAS campaign  which is dedicated to show audience the variety of goods.

Shopping area URMAS advertising campaign

Created: Task:
Creative concept Design Adaptation for outdoor advertising Illustrations Create an advertising campaign of URMAS that represents renewed and modern image of shopping area that is dedicated for people of all age and social groups. Requirement – funny and memorable style of advertising.

Blue bridge kalendorius

Created: Task:
Coception Design Create a table calendar of an exclusive design, that represents company’s pursuit of goals, progress and values.

Tarutis jewelry logo design

Created: Task:
Logo  Create a logo for a jeweler who makes unique and attractive products of jewelry.

Imlitex salt packaging design

Created: Task:
Package design  Create an attractive and exclusive packaging design of salt.

UrmasNeBaze advertising campaign

Created: Task:
New brand “UrmasNeBaze” Communication strategy Social media communication Illustrations Create a new brand (UrmasNeBaze) that is dedicated to grow a new and young audience and is separated from the main „Prekybos miestelis Urmas“. Create communication strategy and fulfill it. The main task – communication of social media „Facebook“ and „Instagram“.

PUPA Coffee Branding and TV commercial

Created: Task:
Logo Packaging conception Packaging design Illustration Brandbook TV commercial, video clip Communication plan Create a new product packaging conception and logo. Create commercial video clip and communication plan.

Hero duona

Created: Task:
Package design   Create a unique package design for a new product set of “Hero” bread family, that reveals modern and exclusive product recipe.

Limedika beauty products catalog

Created:  Task:
Cover design Creative concept Catalog design Create a catalog’s visual concept for Christmas period and adapt the information about the products.