Full of M.E.

Developed brand name for a fashion designer including paper and textile labels, bags and more.

Fossil Stones

Created: Chalenge:
Logo Slogan Corporate identity Catalog Stone – an exclusive product. Roughness, sharpness, modernity and luxury – have constituted the main criteria of “Fossil Stones” corporate identity.
Stone form is reflected in the logo and product photo shape. Custom colors and foiling – an integral part of modern luxury. Stone texture conveys through rough paper, used for business cards and catalog cover.
6_Fossil_logo_1920x1380-px 5_Fossil_how-logo_1920x1380-px6_Fossil_logo_1920x1380-px4_Fossil_logo-BC_1920x1380-px1_Fossil_cat-cover_1920x1380-px2_Fossil_close-up_1920x1380-px3_Fossil_cat-inside_1920x1380-px


 Created: Task:
 Logo Advertising campaign Create logo and modern, intriguing advertisement campaign of international dance festival “Aura” that would also unfold the main theme of 23rd festival – dance of Africa.
1_AURA_logo_1920X 2_AURA_1920X1380-copy 3_aura-gifas 4_AURA_poster_1920X1380-min 5_AURA_poster_1920X


 Created: Task:
Communication concept Chart illustrations KTU executive school is for business leaders. There for it was important to stay informative, to keep academic style and a clear graphic solutions.
KTU has old traditions that’s the reason why the new product couldn’t go too far from it’s core. Archaic drawing model was integrated with modern graphics.
1_KTU_leaflet_cover_1920x1380-px 2_KTU_leaflet_inside_1920x1380-px 3_KTU_presentation_1920x2550-px 4_KTU_color_1920x1380-px 5_KTU_chart_1920x1380-px


Work: Main task
Logo Illustration Concept Typography Copywrite Keep corporate styling while introducing the new addition to TAG – cafeteria for creative minds.
Illustrations communicate eco-cafeteria image while focusing on selected coffee, foods and snacks.
Finding the solution how to welcome on board new tag members we developed unique folder with clear message: “To think outside the box you first need a box”.
5_tag-logo-1920-x-1380-px 1_tag-menu-and-coffee-1920-x-1380-px 3_tag-wall-illustration-1920-x-1380-px 2_tag-wall-visual-1920-x-1380-px 4_tag-wall-welcome-1920-x-1380-px

NOOK branding and catalog

Created: Message:
Logo renewal Corporate identity Design for three catalogs Web design Entire “Nook” communication is based on human relation with nature and care of environment.
Refreshment of the logo and corporate identity by bringing vitality and colors to the brand. All of it represents wide product assortment and main Nook message.
1_Nook-dynamic-branding1920-x-1380 2_Nook-stationery-1920-x-1380 3_Nook-catalog-1920-x-1380 4_Nook-argan--catalog-1920-x-1380 5_Nook-web-1920-x-1380

Kedru kopos

Created: Content:
Logo Slogan Branding Website design Catalog Copywrite How does it feel to live next to the sea? Hear your inner voice, inhale fresh air, feed on new ideas and book every second just for yourself? Cedar coast houses on the sea shore have even more to offer.
Clear message of Scandinavian aesthetics comes along with bright, minimal and clear design.
2_Kedru-kopos-logo-1920-x-1380-px 3_Kedru-kopos-stationery-1920-x-1380-px 4_Kedru-kopos-katalog-1920-x-1380-px